BTECH UV-5X3 Radio


The first affordable tri-band radio.  An authentic Baofeng, made for BTECH.

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Why purchase a fake UV-5R?  When you can purchase a real 3rd-generation Baofeng radio made for BTECH.

Introducing the First Affordable Tri-Band (VHF, 1.25M, and UHF) Handheld Transceiver

The BTECH UV-5X3 Includes:

  • UV-5X3 Radio (Can transmit on 70cm, 1.25m, and 2m bands)
  • 1500mAh Standard Battery
  • V-85 Dual Band Antenna (for UHF/VHF)
  • 220MHz Single Band Antenna
  • CH-5 Charger
  • CH-5 110V Adapter
  • Earpiece Kit
  • Wrist Strap
  • Belt Clip
  • User Manual
  • USA warranty and repair

This Chirp programmable radio will accept any standard Baofeng UV-5R style accessories, including the high capacity battery, Nagoya antennas, and the premium headset.

This radio is a ham radio and not a Part 90 Business radio.



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