Itinerant Business Radio License


A no-test radio license for your whole group

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Are you frustrated with the range of FRS or CB radios?

Tired of not being able to stay in contact out in the field?

Do you want to give your

  • mutual aid group
  • volunteer organization
  • church
  • hunting
  • hiking
  • 4×4 off road club

the edge on communications for coordination?  For health and safety?

This is a 10-year itinerant business license where none of your members need to take a radio test.


  • Up to eight VHF or UHF itinerant frequencies usable nationwide
  • Can use handheld radios up to 10 watts
  • Can use mobile radios up to 110 watts
  • Can use external antennas
  • Can encrypt your communications

Extra cost for:

  • Adding an additional eight high power frequencies
  • Adding Base Radios or Repeaters up to 110 watts
  • Enabling Digital Voice and Data Modes
  • Adding up to an additional 120 UHF low power frequencies (max 6 watt ERP)

Discount for Not-for-profit organizations.


  • You will need to use Part 90 (Business) Radios (most ham radios don’t qualify)
  • Transmit on narrowband (12.5 kHz or narrower)
  • Base or Repeater antennas cannot be over 20 feet off the ground or structure (whichever is higher)
  • Base and Repeater antennas cannot be permanent

The price includes all FCC fees, which we pay on your behalf.  All licenses are granted at the discretion of the FCC; because of this, once we submit the license request, a refund cannot be provided.

The price also includes an hour of consultation to determine your current needs and the best way to construct your license.  We will recommended equipment to best fit your organizational mission, even if we don’t sell it!

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