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We have customized training available for your group, from two hours to two days of content.

Radio 100 – What Preppers Need to Know (one and a half hours)

  • What is Radio about? The two main purposes for Preppers
  • What is the Prepper approach to radio?
  • What are the three physical formats radios come in? Pros and Cons of each
  • What is Line-of-Sight and Beyond Line-of-Sight radio?
  • License Free Options?
  • Licensed Options? Pros and Cons of each
  • What resources are there to get you started?

Radio 101 – Radio Operation of the Baofeng (one and a half hours)

  • What is Radio?
  • Parts of the Radio
    • Body
    • Keypad
  • Antennas and Accessories
    • How to identify a compatible antenna or accessory
    • Various options of antennas and accessories
  • The difference between Frequencies and Channels
  • Basic Radio Operations for Baofeng, AnyTone, or your groups UHF/VHF radio
    • How to hold your radio when speaking
    • Channel Mode
    • VFO Mode
  • Recommended Radio Settings
  • Programming a Channel
  • Radio Operations Practice

Radio 102 – Radio Procedures (one hour)

  • The “Golden Rules” of Radio Communication
  • Pro Words
    • Real world examples of Pro Words
    • Pro Words used in radio calls
  • Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers
  • How to start a radio call
  • How to end a radio call
  • Radio Procedures Practice

Radio 103 – Basic Reports (one hour) (Can be taught with your groups standard reports)

  • Considerations when Reporting
  • Pro Words used in Reporting
  • Basic Reports (SALT/SALUTE)
  • Basic Reporting Practice

Radio 104 – Advanced Reports (one hour)

Radio 105 – Authentication over the Radio (one hour)

Radio 106 – Use of Brevity Codes (one hour)

Radio 107 – Putting it all together, the SOI (one hour)

Additional Modules available:

Programming your Radio with Chirp, RT Systems, or the Manufactures software (1-2 hours)

How to make field-expedient HF/VHF/UHF antennas (2-3 hours)

Using digital modes for reporting (2 hours)

Construction of Field Repeaters (2 hours)

Field power systems and power harvesting (2-3 hours)

How to get your ham radio license (half hour) (no charge to your group)

Additional costs may apply:

  • Field antenna material cost
  • Customized radio programming per attendee
  • Customized radio reference book per attendee
  • Customized radio per attendee
  • Mileage from Kansas City with Room and Board
  • Business radio licence created for your groups use