EMP Gaskets





These gaskets are used to protect sensitive electronics within a trash can or ammo box from the effects of a EMP pulse.

It will reduce the pulse 99% so that the electronics inside will survive.


Trash Can Faraday Cage – Use a normal trash can and line the inside of the body with cardboard or other electrical insulation.  Normally you would use metal tape to seal the lid to the trash can body.

Instead, cut and adhere the pair of EMP gaskets to the inside of the trash can lid.  This will create a conductive seal when the lid is placed on the trash can body.

Small Ammo Can Faraday Cage – Use a small ammo can and line inside of can with cardboard or other electrical insulation.  Cut and adhere gasket pieces to top lip of the body of the ammo can where the lid seals.  Close lid and use mechanism to seal the lid shut.


  • Shielding effectiveness at 1 GHz = 86 dB
  • Shielding effectiveness at 100 MHz = 80 dB


For more information see Dr. Arthur Bradley and his work on testing EMP products.  I highly recommend his website and YouTube videos.



Gasket Version

Trash Can Kit, Ammo Can Kit


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