Long Wire Directional Antenna Kit

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Make your own antenna!

SKU: long-wire-antenna-kit

Components needed to create a custom VHF Long Wire Directional Antenna.


  • A split-post BNC Adapter
  • 5 Ring Terminals
  • 24′ of Wire (Brown or Black)
  • One 10-watt Resistor¬† (Black or Green of various Ohms)
  • An instruction sheet

You will need to get:

  • 3-4 insulators such as cable ties, etc
  • a length of 550 or other cordage
  • 2 tent stakes or expedient tie-downs (if you create the Half-Rhombic variation)
  • An antenna cable to connect to your radio like the 3m BNC-M to SMA-F cable.


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