Paratus Radio now carries BTECH FRS-A1 Radio Kit and the GMRS-2 Radio in stock.

Both radios:

The FRS-A1 Radio Kit:

  • Comes with two radios and accessories
  • The FRS-A1 radios have 23 license-free channels plus Weather Radio reception
  • Is a full 2-watts (Legal max .5 watts on channels 8-14)
  • Comes in Black, but you can special order different colors (Camo, Orange, or Silver)

The GMRS-v2 radio

  • Can talk with the FRS radios 23 channels, but requires a GMRS license ($35 covers your whole family for 10 years) due to the power (5 watts), removeable antenna, and the eight repeater channels.
  • Can use the same 701C and UT-72G antennas as your BTECH UV-5X3 Radio , or use the quick-disconnect 701C-BNC antenna with the HT BNC Adapter.
  • Can transmit at 5 watts (Legal max .5 watts on channels 8-14)
  • Has 200 channels so you can program in your favorite GMRS repeaters, or program in other analog frequencies (Ham, Police, Fire, EMS) for listening/scanning.

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