1. When you plug in your cable, does it show in the Windows device manager? Can you see what port it is?
    a. Try a different USB port
    b. Try a different programming cable.
    c. Try on a different computer
    d. If your cable came with a CD, you might reload those drivers (might need to after a Windows Update) (note: Our PC03 is a real FTDI chip, so it doesn’t come with a driver disk)
  2. Did you turn off the radio, then when connected to the cable, turn it back on?
    a. Is it plugged in all the way? Turn off, unplug and try again to make sure.
    b. Is it on and the volume to 40-60%?
    c. Is that radio on a quiet channel or frequency?
  3. When you do your initial download from the radio, did you set the right Make/Model?
    a. If you can’t find it, then do a web search (my favorite is Pre-search, or Brave Search)
    (recent example Baofeng UV-5R8W has successfully used Baofeng BF-F8HP)

Other troubleshooting questions. Did this just start? What changes have you made since it last worked?

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