Cables and Connectors for the RTO

What cables and connectors should a radio operator consider? What are the strength and weaknesses of each kind and type? What is recommended? Common Radio Cables There are many different types of radio antenna cable.  The two most common for radio are: RG-58/LMR-195 – Also known as CB cable (most common) RG-8X/LMR-240 – Similar price to RG-58, but performs slightly better (preferred) Others to know are: RG174 – Very flexible and portable. With high attenuation for VHF/UHF (keep under 10-15 feet) LMR-400 / RG-8 – A higher performing cable with a price to match. (best for permanent installs) All of these are 50-ohm cable which is different than 75-ohm Cable… Read More

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