You are a licensed Ham Radio Operator. You need to change your address on your FCC license.


  • Have a FCC license
  • Have never dealt with the FCC directly before
  • Don’t want to pay for a service to update your information, or send in a paper form.


Use a Password Manager like LastPass to save account usernames, passwords, security questions, and other important data that you want to keep.


You will first need to find your FRN number. Search for your Call Sign and note the FRN number.

You now have to create a CORES login to manage your FRN number and setup your account with a security question.

Then, you have to associate your FRN with your CORES account. Enter your FRN and a reason why it should be associated. It may take a few days for it to be associated.

Once the FRN is associated with your CORES account, then you have to reset your FRN password.

Once reset, then login here with your FRN and your new FRN password.

Once you’re logged in to the License Manager, then you can modify your license from the menu on the left.

You will then need to select the licenses you need to update and have it add to the right column. Then click on Continue on the bottom right.

Ignore the two Questions, click on Continue.

Update your address, click Continue.

Finally you will need to certify your electronic application to update your license. It may take a few days for the license to update.

Printing your updated license

After your address has changed, you should get an updated Electronic Authorization for your license.

Log into the FCC License Manager with your FRN and FRN Password (saved in a Password Manager like LastPass)

Then click on the fourth menu item Download Electronic Authorization.


Select your license and add it to the right column. Then click on the Download button on the bottom left.

This will download an official FCC Electronic Authorization in PDF format.

Additional Information (added May 1st, 2020)

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