There are many DMR programming guides, but I wanted to do a quick checklist to remind me how I did it.

  • Get 7-Zip from and install.
  • Extract the CPS, Firmware, and other files from the Zip file you downloaded.
  • Install the CPS software. It will try to install to the wrong Drive, correct it to your C: drive.
  • Plug in your radio to the USB cable and turn it on.
    • If the Radio doesn’t show up as a Com port in Windows Devices and Drivers, then use the included GD Virtual Com Driver (v2.0.2.4994) in a RAR file. You will need 7zip to open this.
    • Unplug your Radio while you install the driver. Plug your radio in and give it a few moments to register.
  • Unlock the keyboard using these instructions – 
  • Update your radios firmware using the CPS software
  • Add your DMR ID to the radio
    • Select Digital > Radio ID List
    • In the #1 slot, put your DMR ID in the Radio ID column and your Callsign in the Name.
  • In the CPS, import the contact list and talkgroups into your radio.
    • Select Tool -> Import
    • Click on Talkgroups, select your modified Talkgroups CSV file.
    • Click on Contacts, select your downloaded Contact CSV file.
    • Click on Import
    • This will take a while for the contacts to import


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