Research Freeze

Do you have this problem? You read, watch videos, and think about what is the perfect way to do something. Or try to find the perfect bit of gear….and never get the project done.

I admit. I do this….a lot! I get research freeze. Or I hesitate and don’t learn the skills because of fear or embarrassment. I’m remembering a quote, “The perfect is the enemy of the good”. How many hobbies have you started and purchased expensive gear for? Do you still have that $1500 bike? Do you ride it every day?

How many good things I have missed because of waiting for the perfect? Too many.

Good Better Best

I have been trying a new approach these last few years. I call it the “Good, Better, Best” Approach. The military has a similar saying. “Crawl, Walk, Run”. I think this is solid advice.

This can apply to both skills and to equipment. Start with what gear you have, then develop some skill. Buy a bit better equipment, then expand your skills. Once you gain this intermediate skill, then you can fully appreciate that expensive high-level gear you’ve been wanting to purchase.

But don’t let that education be wasted, teach someone else with your old gear. Get them started on their own path. Spend time and mentor them.

Beginning with Radio

If you are new to radios, then start off with a Family Radio Service (FRS) radio from a big box store. Then also look at Citizen Band (CB) radio for longer distance communication. You might already have a CB sitting in your garage or attic. Or, you may score one at a garage or estate sale.

Then take a course ( Brushbeaters RTO course or one of my courses) and learn how to build an antenna for it. Learn how to effectively talk on these radios and give reports.

Once you start working on these skills and working with the power, cabling, adapters, and antennas, etc., then you can easily transition to a GMRS radio for your family or a business license for your group.

Hopefully you can work on getting your Ham License which will open the world to you. And you can start a whole new learning process.

If you are needing assistance with radios, gear, or training, then please consider Paratus Radio.

With this CV-19 situation we are looking to put on webinars and online training. It just takes time to spin up these training classes and to get stock in for the store.

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