Portable QRP Ham Radio & PowerFilm Lightsaver Max
Hello Operators.
Today we are taking about portable power for man portable QRP ham radio. For some time now, I have been testing the PowerFilm Lightsaver Max with a variety of popular portable QRP radios. Often what these portable ham radios are lacking, is a lightweight and reliable portable power supply, which is easy to use, and airplane friendly.

The PowerFilm Lightsaver Max is a Hybrid Solar panel and power bank, with built-in 60wh lithium ion battery pack. This is perfect for radios like the Elecraft KX2, KX3, Yaesu FT-817, FT-818, Xiegu G90, X5105, Lab599 Discovery TX-500, and QRPVer Minion.

Make sure to watch the video to the end. There is going to be a sneak peek QRP QSO on SSB, using the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 with the Lightsaver Max.

Julian oh8stn

Share video url: https://youtu.be/3G0GxVuReLg

PowerFilm Lightsaver Max: https://www.powerfilmsolar.com/products/lightsaver-max-portable-solar-charger
Lightsaver Max user manual: https://www.powerfilmsolar.com/media/cms/LightSaver_Max_Manual_5_D24A45F45CD65.pdf

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