Build The Best CB Antenna EVER! IMHO.
The Half-Wave End-fed is an excellent antenna for CB, best used vertically. The 49:1 transformer is easy to make and affordable. This is a full size antenna with a low take-off angle great for skip and local communications. Wire length usually falls between 4.5 and 4.8m. Starting wire length in feet is 468 divided by the frequency in MHz. Check SWR and cut a little bit at a time. Do not use a metal box or expoxy. Hot glue is ok. Do not use another material than 43. The FT-140-43 can probably take up to 100W SSB, 70W AM/FM. For more power you would need an FT-240-43 or FT-240-52, even three FT-240-52 stacked together, but honestly it’s not needed and illegal on CB! Do not use a CB amplifier as those are splatter boxes, and again, not needed. Military manpacks output 25-30W for a good reason, it’s enough! 12W SSB legal power is plenty with this antenna. Get a 6m cheap telescopic fishing pole and you’re in business!
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